How all of this came to be

Back in 2006 B.T. (before Twitter), we had an idea: let’s easily connect people who want to do good with nonprofit organizations and community ideas that are changing the world. 

We didn’t know we were in the process of launching a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people find meaning, do good, and save their small corner of the world.

For nearly seven years, we’ve been sharing thousands of ideas about how you can make a difference in your local community, online, or in the world at large. We also make awesome T-shirts that help causes and charities raise money.

Our goal is to become the first place you go when you’re ready to have an impact on the world. From stuff you can do at home to ways you can save the world with a group of friends, from cool T-shirts to online activism, we’ve got you covered. Visit our blog to find ways to make a difference, or poke around our site here to find a shirt you love that supports a cause you’re passionate about.


Sam Davidson is the President and Co-founder of Cool People Care, the author of three books, and spends much of his time speaking to college students and nonprofit organizations about leadership, service, and social entrepreneurship. To learn more about Sam or have him speak at your next event, click here.

Stephen Moseley was born. Went to school. Then to college. Designed InReview Newspaper. Got married (love). Learned HTML. Managed at Tallent Communications. Became a father (more love). Started a company. Helped start another. Became a father again (more, more love). Took a job with a big company, and is always looking up, up and away. A man of few words with big ideas.